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Hey I would really like some feedback on anything here.....things you like or dislike....things I should add, re-do, or take off....You can leave any messages in my guestbook. Please Bookmark my site...I add new things and update often.


Please ask if you can use pictures, poetry, or anything else that I have on my site. I asked permission for everything that is not mine here.
Respect other souls art and ask.
If you have any pictures you would like to donate leave your e-mail in my guestbook.


What's New?

12-31-05 Last day of '05...Just wanted to let you guys know I am gonna start working on my site again in 2006. Let me know anything you want to see on here...e-mail me at sychofaerie@yahoo.com or check me out at myspace.com/sychofaerie Have a safe new years!!
10-22-05 ~ If you wanna see wedding pix, go to About me, the link is at the bottom of the page, I have tons more pix I just have to get them on my computer, and then I have to start paying for my website or something...Even with all the pictures I deleted I am still running out of room on here.

10-19-05 ~ I haven't been here in a while. I have been busy with work and getting married. :) I am now Kaycie Torres hehe. Okay well, I am running out of space on here, so I am going to start re-doing somethings. First off, the songs to know page is no longer here. I figured it was pretty much useless. I took off some of the friends pix. There were some ppl I haven't talked to in 4 or 5 year, so I deleted them to make room for the new ones. The quotes page is gone now also. I will probably fit some of them in other places as I go along.

7-26-05 ~ Added more pix. Now there is Faeries pages 5 & 6. Also added pix to Faeries Page 1 and Other Art. Finished adding the lyrics for When the Kite String Pops. I am done with all the Dax Riggs lyrics until his new cd comes out.

7-24-05 ~ Added lots of faerie pix.

7-19-05 ~ Added a new link on the link page. It's really not a related link, it's my brothers site, so go check it out. I changed the layout. It's looked the same for 3 years, so it was long over due. Changed up the about me page. Color changes and added some new pictures. Did some work on the friends page. Added some new pix, after like 3 years..the ones on there are OLD. I worked on the Deadboy page...I added some lyrics from Acid Bath's 'When the Kite String Pops' I will finish later.

7-4-05 ~ Started working on a Faeries page 4. Not a whole lot there yet, but it will be soon. Also, started re-doing the poetry page. I am trying to make it look better. I will finish later, I must go start getting ready for the 4th of July.


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