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12\16\00-Life has no purpose...

*this poem was written at a really bad time in my life, but I think its one of my best because it expresses everything I was feeling at the time*

Life has no purpose
Just pain looking through a glassy surface
No gain, it's all fucked up
Fucked up people
Fucked up world
Life is nothing worth living for
Life is nothing, a fucked up nothing
A short sweet suicide note
Is what I would like to say I wrote
Quick and simple and to the point
There is no point
No point in nothing
"You have everything to live for"
No need to say anything more
Smart people realize it's a lie
Just fucked up words to make you try
Try to see the light
There is no light
Everywhere is night
Darkness is the only escape
Wishing it were possible to leave everything
but there is nothing to leave
Nothing to live for, Nothing to die for
Hoping for a light of darkness
Fucked up dreams
Fucked up lovers with fucked up schemes
Hoping for a way to escape the pain
The only way is by bringing more pain
The sight of fresh blood, the most wonderful pain
The gashes explain
They explain it all
Fresh marks over the old ones, only a week old
Promises broken and sexual encounters
Make the emotional pain greater and the self-inflicted sweeter
Feeling alone is the way to die
Born alone, die alone
Wishing to be brave enough to end it all
But too emotionally sick and crushed to try it
Three words to live by
Life Sucks Ass
Everything goes wrong for some people
And everything always does
Everything always will
Some people were born and destined to be lonely and depressed all there lives
Meant to be unhappy
Destined to look for an easier way out
I feel unblessed to be one of those fucking, fucked up people.

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