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4-16-02 - You are everything...

You are everything to me.
You are my stars and my sun.
You are my joy and my fun.
You are my life and my tears.
You are the one who buries my fears.
Somethings going wrong, but I hold my head up.
I am strong. 
You never have time anymore.
Even for something you are supossed to adore.
You've rarely kept a promise you've made.
 I feel like my hearts been betrayed.
I dont't know what to say to you to make you understand.
Everything used to feel so grand.
Now I feel alone and scared.
I want things to be repaired.
I need to go back to sweet and romantic,
Instead of all the time so frantic.
Everything seems so fake.
I feel blank.
It's you I still adore, but I don't feel it returned anymore.

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