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12-21-00 - Secrets told...

Secrets told
Dreams unfold
Better thoughts have to be near
Mentality is becoming more clear
Trying to think more reasonably
Making myself forget all the pain you caused me
Poems and lines that were written
Written out of anger and sorrow
Looking back, I somewhat regret
Several weekends I want to forget
But the memories, for a lifetime I will hold
My heart, mind and soul, things I try to remold
Pain that was caused
By the happenings and my own hand
Tried to put my life on pause
Now I need a new plan
Slowly getting better
But mentally falling back
Wanting to send my last letter
But I am too off track
Telling life good-bye
Telling friends I will try
Only lies to them, only lies to my own head
Looking for something new
Maybe something that will be true
Holding on to my little tidbit
Only love can break a heart
And only love can mend it.

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