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6-2-02 'Snow Fall'

In the casket, in the grave.
That's when my life will begin.
I live in a neverending hell.
Fucked up people, fucked up world.
Unnecessary amounts of tears have fell.
But it's the price for living in hell.
Sweet innocence, tortured and abused.
Lost forever, damaged and corrupted.
Horrible childhood memories is all I am getting.
Can't look forward and wish for a better future.
Too alone and scared to look past making it through today.
Waiting for an opportunity to flee.
Run somewhere, only having to worry about me.
Run to a place warm and sunny.
A place that will welcome me with open arms.
A place where the people don't go crazy everytime the snow falls.
A place where words don't hurt and depression doesn't breed.
A place where tears only fall in the sweetest moments,
and people arent out just to feel better about themselves.
I would wish for heaven, if I believed it were in reach.
I would pray for hell, if I wasn't already there.
Too relied upon and expected to never fuck up.
No one owns perfection, not even the ones who think they are it.
Trying to endure what is placed infront of me.
The unneeded bullshit and pain.
Ignoring what I can.
Hopeful of someday escaping it all.
Knowing everything is worst with the snow fall.

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